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I can't believe how busy we get at Christmas time. I know I talk about it throughout the year, but it gets so crazy that it still surprises me. This year it's because not only did we have Big Corporate Company's Yearly Thing for 1,000 people, but this new sales rep is scheduling parties and then letting the kitchen know either the day before, or the day of. Which, okay, if it were for 20 people that wouldn't be bad. But usually they're for 400. dhaskdhjsalskaksalks I hate her. This upcoming Wednesday we have a party for 3,000 people, happy-hour style. Only we've got to do 7,500 desserts, and...I really think that's over-kill. Like, massive-leftovers for Brunch three times over-overkill.

But the party I'm most excited about is the Egyptian-themed party coming up! I'm adapting some of our current recipes to suit this party as we speak, kind of, and here's one of them! That's what I mean by cheating, lol: it's not really Egyptian, but when I was researching, the things that kept coming up were the uses of dried fruits (reconstituted or not), teas as a popular drink, honey, and spices. So I adapted our madeleine recipe! I thought about using chai tea instead of plain black tea (I use whatever we have at the shop), but I don't think it would get the spice flavor through. I'm tempted to add cloves and ginger, too, to kind of get a chai thing going on.

I know, I know: madeleines are traditionally French. Well...shhh.

'Egyptian' madeleines: )

Here he another recipe we're trying, and this is me cheating again. Traditional kahk is a chore to make, so I've taken the "almond bracelet" recipes I've seen, and adapted it to suit my purposes better. Of course, I'll use orange juice (or maybe even some Grand Marnier!) in the recipes rather than orange blossom water. Or maybe I'll go buy some.

Kahk bi Loz/traditional kahk hybrid: )

But anyway, yes. Work is consuming me, body, mind, and soul.

Thank you for all of the Snowflake cookies! You people are awesome. They really made me smile, a couple of days when I really needed it.

Other than that, I am excited for the return of Chuck, I miss Supernatural, and I love White Collar (and really, most shows on USA, and I am omgsoEXCITED for ALL OF THEM to be returning at pretty much the same time!) And...I need to finish my Christmas shopping.

I love you all!


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