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Fic: Free Flow; Derek/Stiles; Rated: NC17

Title: Free Flow
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: NC17
Summary: Prompt: Derek gives Stiles multiple orgasms from just rimming, just fingering, the whole works. Preferably with Stiles passing out, then coming to to Derek being gentle and sweet :D
Spoilers/Warnings: No spoilers, but the summary should give any warnings necessary. Also, unbeta'd.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Forgot to post this to livejournal, so here it is now. I must also admit that I was a little inspired by this picture from Dylan O'Brien's Troix photoshoot. Unf.

('God, you never shut up,' Derek's voice is strained, brittle, like his control is fraying and all Stiles has to do is talk to break it.)

This is me, wasting time inside instead of writing my Big Bang, looking at the rain outside and being so damn happy that the hurricane is going to pass us up, except for a scraping of the tail of it. Be safe, [ profile] hefreak and [ profile] thebiggest_lie, and anyone else who will be directly hit. ♥

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I bow to you and your porn. This is me bowing. ...*bow*

Thank you, bb! ♥ I will stay as safe as possible!

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Porn is kind of scary-easy for me to write. Um.

YOU BETTER. It barely touched here in Florida, but y'all are going to get hit. I hope you have batteries and battery-powered everything, and non-perishable foods.

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It used to be for me. :\ But yours is fantastic! The rimming. Oh, God, the rimming. Ngh.

Yeah, Mom went out to try to get batteries today, and we don't really have enough. But, you know...we have some foods? And candles? Idek. Hopefully it'll be okay. Although, secretly, I'm kind of hoping that something somewhere happens, even if it's just that our work building is without power, because I kind of love the idea of waking up Monday and being like, "Oh, hey, working from home today in my pajamas." And not even because I don't like work, just...because. I mean, who wouldn't want to work from home in their pajamas? I could probably even take naps.

I hope we don't lose power at home, though. Especially not the crazy shit they were talking about with like, "MAYBE 5 DAYS WITHOUT POWER." DNW. I honestly don't know how human beings ever survived without electricity and will go FUCKING CRAZY without it.

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Hahaha, yeah, rimming is kind of. Um. :3

I hope you are off! Just because I want you safe in the house. Will they pay you for work done at your house?

I really don't want you to lose power, though, ugh. We have a week long power outage a few years ago and nothing stays good in coolers. At all. And when gas stations have no ice, you know you're fucked.

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Sometimes, when I think about it, I'm like, "It really shouldn't be hot." But it is. So...yeah.

Thanks! And yeah, they will pay me for working at home. I already got 16 hours of overtime pay for working over the weekend at home, when I was going through the backlog, which was awesome. Eileen also had me put together a whole emergency phone list of everybody's cell numbers, so we can all get in touch with each other, and they can tell us to stay home and work from there, if we have to/can.

Yeah, I don't want to lose power at home. It's awful to begin with, but I will go BATSHIT without internet, TV, etc. I'm charging my phone now, and then I might turn it off, just so it'll have a good amount of power left in it, if we do lose power.

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:D ♥ ♥