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Fic; Arthur/Cobb; NC17

Title: Prompt: cobb/arthur, handjobs abound
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 660+
Warning: Angst, pwp
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: A series of handjob fics, with an attempt to put plot in them. The first one is pre-Inception, and when it's finished, the second one will be post-Inception. And then the others will be after too, but they're only vague ideas.
Author Notes: I'm rewriting these; this one is done, and the second half (that's going to be entirely different from the one I wrote for the prompt) will be along shortly once I work out the kinks. And then I'm thinking this will be a weekly-updated thing, because I need something I can come back to that's not a thing I'm working on forever/stressing over.

Cobb isn't sure when it happens, but somewhere between one tiny bottle of mini-bar alcohol and three or five (including the Jack Daniels), Arthur's hand finds its way into his pocket. It's a little shocking, but Arthur seems to think it's normal, so Cobb lies back. He grunts a little as his point man wriggles his fingers, but then somewhere between Arthur's hand leaving one pocket and moving to the other, Cobb's dick gets ideas.

"Come on, Cobb, I asked you where your key is - oh," Arthur's breath is a warm puff on Cobb's neck, above his collar. Cobb's sprawled out on Arthur's bed, and had moved onto Arthur's mini-bar after demolishing his own. It's not only the haze of alcohol that makes him grunt again though, this time more in satisfaction, when Arthur is deliberately grazing his hardening cock. "Really?" Arthur asks, leaning even closer, even further over Cobb, his nose touching Cobb's cheek.

Cobb thinks of all the nights he's wandered into Arthur's room, sharing dinner from room service, or pizza, or dining on mini-bar candy and snacks. He thinks of the nights like this one, when he showed up more than halfway drunk at Arthur's hotel door. He thinks of the places he could be, of where he'd rather be, and decides that if he can't have this with everything else, he'll take what he can get. Until he can get home, he will take what comfort he can.

He turns his head and catches Arthur's lips in a kiss, lazy and slow on his end, because he's pretty content to lie back and let it all happen. Arthur, though - he seems to have plans. It's as if the floodgates open for him and suddenly he's everywhere on Cobb; Arthur's sitting on his legs, wrapping one hand around the back of his head to hold him still while they kiss even harder, one had pulling out of Cobb's pocket only to open his pants and cup him, gripping hard before moving in.

Right in, oh, and everything seems to blur. Arthur moves quickly, running a hand down Cobb's chest, hooking fingers around his belt and tugging his pants down the swell of his ass. Cobb decides he wants to participate during this and shifts up, helping get his pants down while grinding up into Arthur.

Arthur groans, and kisses him harder. Cobb likes the way Arthur presses him into the mattress almost as much as he likes the way Arthur only breaks the kiss to lick up his hand so he can jack Cobb's dick smoothly, quickly, thoroughly. It doesn't take long before Cobb is thrusting up hard, as far as he can get into Arthur's fist, coming and coming and it seems to go on forever.

When Cobb reciprocates he's heavy-limbed and sleepy about it. He's jerking Arthur off in a daze, barely staying awake long enough to wipe his hand on Arthur's bed after he shoots long pulsing ropes of come all over Cobb's hand. Arthur's weight is comfortable, and he smells familiar.

Cobb's awake enough to hear Arthur say, "Shit, shit, shit," and to feel him leave the bed. He reaches toward the door just as Arthur exits, closing it with a firm and final 'click.' When he wakes up the next morning and can't find the key to his room, he knows where to find Arthur, but he's strangely reluctant. The shower Cobb takes feels good, and when he does make his way to his room, they have only a moment of awkwardness before Arthur lapses into their normal routine.

It takes Cobb less than an hour before he realizes he has no idea what to do about it, and then most of the day before he decides that he will do something, without being sure what. He looks at Arthur and hates that apparently, they have to talk about what happened. Cobb decides he'll try right after they meet up with Nash.

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Oh my god the image of Arthur licking his palm to jack Cobb off was the sexiest thing about this fic for me. Looking forward to reading more!

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I will admit to loving that part as well.

Hoping to have the next part out soon! I have it mostly written, I just have to make it work. :/

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Oh, I love a good handjob fic - and I'm so happy to hear you're continuing this! I'll be looking for the next part. :]

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Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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I can practically imagine all this--especially Arthur licking his hand..unf


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:D Thank you! I'm glad you could picture it.

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My face as I looked at my f-list just now: ":D". Seriously, love love love (ahaha Arthur is so awkwardly longing) and I look forward to the next bit! :)

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Arthur is so awkwardly longing! but I would be too, given the sitch.

Thanks for the comment! ♥

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This is really something else.

I love, love love how /visual/ it is, the details, the characterization, everything. Oh man, I cannot wait for more. You have no idea how much I love the second paragraph. <3

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Oh, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the imagery.

I have most of the second one written out, it's just kind me issues. :/

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So I wanted to copy lines and put them in italics to point out my favourite ones, but then I figured it wouldn't make much sense to copy your drabble into my comment, haha.

I loved it, absolutely! For me, it's very, very, very in character and I love you for it, so thank you ♥

Even the way you described how Arthur jerked Cobb off, hand licking and all, seems so very much like him.

I really look forward to your next handjob!fic :D

And memories!

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LOL thank you! ♥

I'm so glad you thought it was in character! I think Arthur's utilitarian and efficient enough to jerk Cobb off that way.

That sentence was odd to type, whoa.