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strokeof_genie ([personal profile] strokeof_genie) wrote2010-09-01 11:54 am

My dears?

Please, please, please never repost anything I post here to Facebook?

Ever. Twitter, either, preferably. But never Facebook.

I feel a headache forming from my inet issues re: Sprint, my dog being at the vet, talking about public relations during school, and now this.

I adore you all, and I'm apologizing for any bitchiness today.
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I don't like how all the social networks are becoming like the other. Twitter adding the whole suggesting feature like on facebook. Youtube having features like Facebook and twitter.

Everything was good how they were.

Also, KerriMaryBerry is me on twitter.

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Sweet, following you back!

And yes, I like them separate too. I only have a fb account to keep in touch with family.

...and that's pretty telling, isn't it? I have lj for lj, fb for fb, and twitter because of Misha.

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Judging by the sheer amount of DNW, I don't think many people will be making use of the feature. :) But, yeah, never crossposting anything to FB (and I don't have Twitter), promise!

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Lol I trust you guys. The ones that I'm actually friends with, I trust. I just know that, since they've turned the pingback on, I've gotten pinged a couple of times, and now this?


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Wait what. People can repost other people's entries on Facebook now? Even if they're private?

I think I missed something...

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No, they can repost their comments to private entries - but then content of the comment is likely to indicate what the entry is about, plus I think the title of the entry is included in the repost. :/ And, yeah, a link is included, so everyone will be able to read public entries - which they would, anyway, but those entries didn't used to be linked all over the place for non-LJ users to stumble across.

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Well, that's a bit on the frustrating side. I can see how that would be beneficial to news communities, but I can't imagine this will end well.

Hopefully they'll add a privacy setting allowing us to disable reposting entirely. But then again...

Thank you for explaining that to me. :)

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No worries. :) Someone's tested the comment-crosspost feature in the meantime, and it looks like it's all a blatant attempt at self-promotion, which makes me more sceptic that they will change it. :/

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Oh wow. That's just great. :/ You're probably right, actually. Considering how they've treated other mass upsets on LJ, I can't see them changing it.

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I feel like lj is intent on making me headache-y. This is PROOF!

But yeah, in reply to your comment way down there, I don't think this will be changing.

Time to remove everything but my age off of my profile just in case!

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It must be! This is ridiculous.

I think I will too. I'm also going to remove all of my contact info from my public introduction post. :(