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I am usually not home, and if I am I am usually not on a computer. It is far easier to access my tumblr or my twitter from my phone.

And I am finding that it is far easier to be in fandom on tumblr, because I can be more a more superficial fan, meaning I love characters and care deeply but don't get get pissy when a show doesn't go my way. I don't have to have a discussion about anything. I give examples under here, and they will piss people off, probably. )

To my Teen Wolf friends, I'll get back into the fandom soon, but to answer a few things! I know a couple of you guys messaged me about the Big Bang, and I meant to get back to you guys but completely forgot. Long story short: three people finished their fics, and one of them was myself. So there is that, which is kind of why it never happened. We had a lot of artists sign up, but with barely any fics, it seemed pointless. It was a difficult time for me to manage it, as well, since work was kicking my ass.

I am going to go mess around with [ profile] teenwolf_slash now and add tags and junk. June 3rd!
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You know how people refuse to see logic or the other side of the coin, or how sometimes common courtesy and decency doesn't even occur to them? Sometimes I find that interesting, in a detached, 'what makes this person like that, that they can ignore the world around them' type of way. There's a truly awful lack of empathy and compassion that I can't even get my head around.

Here is a list of the worst of the comments compiled by [ profile] lcsbanana, and I'm linking to that because it's a good introduction, I find, to those who aren't sure of what's going on. The complete lack of sensitivity that she quotes from actual members of fandom, from people I've seen on my friends' flist, is...astounding. I found nothing in the post triggery, but she does link to [ profile] impertinence's brilliant and painful post, which comes with these warnings: "Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery." It's a powerful post. Both of them are (in different ways), and I truly can't understand how this even needs to be discussed. Warnings are necessary, whether they are appreciated or not.

Unrelated, but still sad: apparently Perez Hilton is a giant douchebag. Personally I'm shocked, because he always seemed like such a nice guy when he was forcing celebrities out of the closet and verbally attacking 16 year old girls. Also, when he was recently seen being a enormous hypocrite by telling someone, "You're not a fucking artist; you're a fucking faggot." Also, when he was a hypocrite by calling someone fugly, because heeeeellllllooooo.


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