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So, I don't read much fic anymore, unless someone sends me one in an email. And then it's usually to beta. But this author [ profile] sansday has asked me to beta a wonderful fic, and I just. I love it. You all have to read it, if you are into Dean/Castiel.

It deals with some interesting power issues; Dean's a fully recognizable character right out of the show with his lingering issues from Hell, and his motivations. Castiel is confused by humanity and determined to do right by everything, even though he's not sure how to do that, with being cut off from Heaven. It's got interesting power issues because of both of those things, and the warns for D/s themes. Castiel finds a purpose in Dean, after being cut off from Heaven for Dean. Dean finds what he needs in Castiel, both because of the after-Hell issues and because he needs someone to take care of.

The summary of the fic is: Feeling purposeless after leaving Heaven, Castiel tries to figure out what Dean wants, and how to give it to him, when nothing else in his life is familiar anymore.

It's really amazingly written, too, and I'm not just saying that because I beta'd it. I had very little work to do except enjoy it and flail.

Part I is right here. In case you couldn't tell, I highly recommend this fic. It's completely finished, but you don't get a link to the next part after each chapter, so here is a link to sansday's page so you can just click to where ever.


Mar. 19th, 2009 10:09 pm
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So, like everyone else's flist, mine's been inundated with Supernatural episode reactions.

Here's another. I LOVED IT. HATERS TO THE LEFT, PLS. )
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But first, vote for Dean!

Okay, so. I'm just posting what videos I took. Next time, I'm taking my other camera, because most of my photos I dislike. I may post those later, but for now, videos!

Videos from the last day! )
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But first, vote for Dean. Do it. I love the Tenth, but c'mon. It's Dean.

And now, my con report, day 1! )
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Will I be an even bigger dork if I friend this?

[ profile] rahmemanuel OMG. [ profile] zillahseye, this post is entirely for you, I think. HAVE A BETTER DAY TOMORROW :(
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Saw The Dark Knight last night at midnight. It was freaking amazing. I already have (vague) plans to see it again. Don't listen to people when they say "Blah blah blah it was too long/too drawn out/wtf was that plot because I don't get it." It was all necessary, and there was not one wasted minute. I'm biased, but I've asked people who aren't, and they feel the same.

Heath Ledger has been my favorite of the Jokers', hands down. Aaron Eckhart was great as Harvey Dent - scenes he was in he just captivated. Unless he was in a scene with the Joker because, holy crap. This was Heath Ledger's movie. It was, hands down, his show. Christian Bale was great as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and showed the struggle of being both very nicely. He's still a young Batman, and I'm really looking forward to how they have him grow into the role. He's not quite there yet, because he doesn't realize that there will always be need for Batman as long as Gotham stands. He starts to at the end of the movie, though.

Blah, maybe some meta, some squee, and a few spoilers. )


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