Aug. 29th, 2010 12:36 am
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Picspam post! Because I can. This is a post dedicated to my favorite men of Inception. And especially Tom Hardy, since he likes having pictures taken of him while he's naked. WHOOHOO TOM HARDY, and thank gawd for your existence. I dedicate this to [ profile] saxon_dogs, [ profile] hefreak, and anyone else who may benefit from this.

Omnomnom. )

*cough* yes. That's it. ADD IN THE COMMENTS IF I MISSED SEXY, because I know I did.
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Title: this beat (it fills my head)
Prompt: Five Things About Arthur That Make Cobb Love Him Even More.
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 4,570
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: Dom is in love with Arthur. It's not in specifics, but instead it's a journey of scenes from their life together. In numerical order.
Author Notes: I can't believe I did this. If you like it, my thread for the [ profile] help_pakistan community is here! Also, if you go to the fill in the kink meme you can see a completely omitted part in this fic that I couldn't rewrite in a way I liked, so I scrapped it and wrote a new one that was more cohesive with the fic.

It feels good, to be in love again. )
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Title: Prompt: After waiting and worrying that Cobb might be stuck in Limbo permanently, Arthur is so relieved to see him wake on the plane that he has to run to the airplane bathroom to roll his die till he can believe he's not dreaming. Cobb follows him...
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,330
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: The last time Arthur saw Cobb, he was dying in a dream and not waking up. When Arthur wakes, he can't believe he's not dreaming when he sees Cobb join them in reality. This is a bit to optimistic to be any good, but I like happy and am bad at writing anything else. :(
Author Notes: Everyone, quick! Mad Max is on IFC! Soon, that will be Tom Hardy, so familiarize yourself. My [ profile] help_pakistan thread is here!

Arthur watches Cobb's eyes open, and sees him blink. It's a better site than he's had for the hours they were on the plane, or the days they were below. )
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Title: Prompt: Arthur/Cobb. Blowjob through the pants. Bonus if someone complains about their suit being ruined.
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 560
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: Cobb's got a plan. Instinctively or not, Arthur's good at making sure things go accordingly.
Author Notes: Slightly lengthened and corrected fill from [ profile] inception_kink. My [ profile] help_pakistan thread is here!

Cobb's pressing him through the room, keeping him close enough to kiss but propelling him forward. )
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A prequel of sorts to a prompt on [ profile] inception_kink, "Five Things About Arthur That Make Cobb Love Him Even More."

Title: Prequel to Five Things, which is now complete!
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Violence and dream deaths.
Word Count: 1,335
Summary: This is how they meet.
Disclaimer/Author's note: Not mine. And when I was trying to finish this prompt, I think it's obvious that it didn't out. So instead, prequel! And then I'll work on the last part of it.

When Dom met Arthur, he didn't like him. )
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Title: Prompt: Cobb/Arthur, grown up sexting, tie!kink
Rating: Hard R, light NC17?
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Cobb
Word Count: 1,165
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: Get-together fic where Cobb cares about Arthur, his ties, and his attention to grammar and punctuation.
Author Notes: Another lengthened fill for the kink meme. I'm sure you guys can guess who the "A" is, in here.

I miss grown-up clothes. Arthur reads off his phone, and double-checks to see that Cobb really is the one who sent it. )
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Title: Prompt: Arthur is the only one who carries a gun with him in real life.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 900
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Arthur's armed and dangerous, and shares after the Cobol job goes awry.
Author Notes: In the fill for this prompt, I spelled Cobol wrong. Forgive me D: And! And, I got to do a lot of fun research for this! This place here talks about the weapons used in the movie. I use that site whenever I have to write about weapons in fic.

Arthur carries a gun on him at all times. )
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Title: all giving and no taking
Prompt: Double penetration, plain and simple. I'd love for Arthur to be in the middle, but beyond that any way you want to write it is fine with me.
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Threesome, rimming, double penetration (in one hole), come play. This is filthy, y'all. Absolutely the dirtiest thing I have ever written.
Word Count: 2,700
Summary: Cobb and Eames fuck Arthur. And then Cobb gets Arthur to let Eames play around.
Disclaimer/Author's note: I can't even begin to explain to you how much these guys aren't mine. This is an extended version of the fill I did up there. Since I'm having issues writing a new fic for [ profile] bronson, I added to this one. Still no real character development or angst, D: but there is more smut. I am so sorry for the spam, people on my flist who don't care about Inception!

Arthur is straddling Cobb, stretched from Eames' and Cobb's fingers, sliding down to where Eames is holding Cobb's dick for him. )

Some stuff.

Aug. 4th, 2010 05:30 pm
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Finished Composition class, saw Tom Petty (fantastic, damnit, I want to follow his tour), saw Lady Gaga (awesome performance omg, she's so fucking adorable live and much more beautiful than in pictures, they don't do her justice at all), and saw Inception.

I became obsessed with Inception, and dove into the kink meme. [ profile] fire_at_wi11, let's talk more. LOL

This is my most prolific fandom. Ever. Like, I wrote a lot in the Supernatural or RPS fandom, but I rarely posted anything, and it was like pulling teeth because I...well. Half of the actors I've met, now, so I feel terribly creepy. With Inception? It's eaten my brain, so I'm taking advantage of it before my brain grows back. Still terribly creepy since 75% is porn, but. I don't seem to care. My lack of shame seems shameful, almost.

Everything is now heeere~

Can you tell that I have an OTP? I think that's it for now. I've started more, and will update this list when I'm done.

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In regards to wank in the Supernatural fandom, that is. What got me interested let me know it was even happening, to tell the truth, was that I was scrolling through some emails, and found that it showed up on unfunnybusiness, instead of fandomwank.

"Huh," I said. And then I read it. I shouldn't have read it. )

What I said up there is vague and I won't go into details, but it all has to do with personal issues. I've probably talked about some, I'm coming to terms with others, but this is how I, personally, feel about it.
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So, I don't read much fic anymore, unless someone sends me one in an email. And then it's usually to beta. But this author [ profile] sansday has asked me to beta a wonderful fic, and I just. I love it. You all have to read it, if you are into Dean/Castiel.

It deals with some interesting power issues; Dean's a fully recognizable character right out of the show with his lingering issues from Hell, and his motivations. Castiel is confused by humanity and determined to do right by everything, even though he's not sure how to do that, with being cut off from Heaven. It's got interesting power issues because of both of those things, and the warns for D/s themes. Castiel finds a purpose in Dean, after being cut off from Heaven for Dean. Dean finds what he needs in Castiel, both because of the after-Hell issues and because he needs someone to take care of.

The summary of the fic is: Feeling purposeless after leaving Heaven, Castiel tries to figure out what Dean wants, and how to give it to him, when nothing else in his life is familiar anymore.

It's really amazingly written, too, and I'm not just saying that because I beta'd it. I had very little work to do except enjoy it and flail.

Part I is right here. In case you couldn't tell, I highly recommend this fic. It's completely finished, but you don't get a link to the next part after each chapter, so here is a link to sansday's page so you can just click to where ever.
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I can't believe how busy we get at Christmas time. I know I talk about it throughout the year, but it gets so crazy that it still surprises me. This year it's because not only did we have Big Corporate Company's Yearly Thing for 1,000 people, but this new sales rep is scheduling parties and then letting the kitchen know either the day before, or the day of. Which, okay, if it were for 20 people that wouldn't be bad. But usually they're for 400. dhaskdhjsalskaksalks I hate her. This upcoming Wednesday we have a party for 3,000 people, happy-hour style. Only we've got to do 7,500 desserts, and...I really think that's over-kill. Like, massive-leftovers for Brunch three times over-overkill.

But the party I'm most excited about is the Egyptian-themed party coming up! I'm adapting some of our current recipes to suit this party as we speak, kind of, and here's one of them! That's what I mean by cheating, lol: it's not really Egyptian, but when I was researching, the things that kept coming up were the uses of dried fruits (reconstituted or not), teas as a popular drink, honey, and spices. So I adapted our madeleine recipe! I thought about using chai tea instead of plain black tea (I use whatever we have at the shop), but I don't think it would get the spice flavor through. I'm tempted to add cloves and ginger, too, to kind of get a chai thing going on.

I know, I know: madeleines are traditionally French. Well...shhh.

'Egyptian' madeleines: )

Here he another recipe we're trying, and this is me cheating again. Traditional kahk is a chore to make, so I've taken the "almond bracelet" recipes I've seen, and adapted it to suit my purposes better. Of course, I'll use orange juice (or maybe even some Grand Marnier!) in the recipes rather than orange blossom water. Or maybe I'll go buy some.

Kahk bi Loz/traditional kahk hybrid: )

But anyway, yes. Work is consuming me, body, mind, and soul.

Thank you for all of the Snowflake cookies! You people are awesome. They really made me smile, a couple of days when I really needed it.

Other than that, I am excited for the return of Chuck, I miss Supernatural, and I love White Collar (and really, most shows on USA, and I am omgsoEXCITED for ALL OF THEM to be returning at pretty much the same time!) And...I need to finish my Christmas shopping.

I love you all!
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You know how people refuse to see logic or the other side of the coin, or how sometimes common courtesy and decency doesn't even occur to them? Sometimes I find that interesting, in a detached, 'what makes this person like that, that they can ignore the world around them' type of way. There's a truly awful lack of empathy and compassion that I can't even get my head around.

Here is a list of the worst of the comments compiled by [ profile] lcsbanana, and I'm linking to that because it's a good introduction, I find, to those who aren't sure of what's going on. The complete lack of sensitivity that she quotes from actual members of fandom, from people I've seen on my friends' flist, is...astounding. I found nothing in the post triggery, but she does link to [ profile] impertinence's brilliant and painful post, which comes with these warnings: "Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery." It's a powerful post. Both of them are (in different ways), and I truly can't understand how this even needs to be discussed. Warnings are necessary, whether they are appreciated or not.

Unrelated, but still sad: apparently Perez Hilton is a giant douchebag. Personally I'm shocked, because he always seemed like such a nice guy when he was forcing celebrities out of the closet and verbally attacking 16 year old girls. Also, when he was recently seen being a enormous hypocrite by telling someone, "You're not a fucking artist; you're a fucking faggot." Also, when he was a hypocrite by calling someone fugly, because heeeeellllllooooo.
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CHUCK friending meme:

Please pimp it out!

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I'm over at [ profile] dark_sanction's house and she just showed me this, and omg. This is amazing. I need this as my ring tone. I have to use my shamwow tag because I don't have a Vince one, or a Slapchop one.

Holy hell, I have a shamwow tag. My life, why is it like this?
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We have pretty girls as waitstaff, and some of them aren't as smart as they are pretty. They were complaining about how heavy the passed dessert plates were (they weigh, like, a pound, probably less), and one of them says, "I can't hardly lift it! I think I'm getting Tourrettes from lifting these plates!"



Mar. 19th, 2009 10:09 pm
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So, like everyone else's flist, mine's been inundated with Supernatural episode reactions.

Here's another. I LOVED IT. HATERS TO THE LEFT, PLS. )


I mean, I can't think of anyone who I wouldn't hate immediately, just out of spite. BUT STILL, IT'S MAC. I'M SO TORN. BRB FINDING RDA ICONS, HOPEFULLY ANGULICIOUS ONES. I can't believe I just typed that WTF SELF. Or this WHOLE ENTRY WTF WORLD.

edit: Hahahah, I've got some Mac icons now. :)
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But first, vote for Dean!

Okay, so. I'm just posting what videos I took. Next time, I'm taking my other camera, because most of my photos I dislike. I may post those later, but for now, videos!

Videos from the last day! )


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