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I am usually not home, and if I am I am usually not on a computer. It is far easier to access my tumblr or my twitter from my phone.

And I am finding that it is far easier to be in fandom on tumblr, because I can be more a more superficial fan, meaning I love characters and care deeply but don't get get pissy when a show doesn't go my way. I don't have to have a discussion about anything. I'm looking at you, the entirety of the Walking Dead fandom, because honestly. There is a reason why things are happening the way they are, and as a person who finally broke down and read all of the comics recently...the television series is pretty damn brilliant to be doing things they way they are. It's fabulous.

And H50, first there was wank with Jenna dying, which, okay, I liked her and was sad. And then there was wank about Lori existing, which. Okay. Whatever floats your boat, or...doesn't, in this case. But to see the same people bitching about Jenna dying, Lori existing, and then Lori leaving? Ugh. Make up your mind. You spend every episode pissy about McDanno not being on screen due to Lori, and then she's gone and then you suddenly loved her?

And Supernatural, my God, no one is ever happy with it anymore. I scroll past all episode commentary and watch it with RL friends who are just as happy with it as I am.

But, basically: fandom is happy for me. I care, but I care quietly and happily and, well, deep enough to read fic and flail about news or pictures or actors and actresses, but I don't care enough about it to let it make me angry.

To my Teen Wolf friends, I'll get back into the fandom soon, but to answer a few things! I know a couple of you guys messaged me about the Big Bang, and I meant to get back to you guys but completely forgot. Long story short: three people finished their fics, and one of them was myself. So there is that, which is kind of why it never happened. We had a lot of artists sign up, but with barely any fics, it seemed pointless. It was a difficult time for me to manage it, as well, since work was kicking my ass.

I am going to go mess around with [ profile] teenwolf_slash now and add tags and junk. June 3rd!
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